Akko Kibbutz Members Receive Shared Society Academic Certification

July 15, 2019

Three members of the Akko Educators’ Kibbutz recently received accreditation after attending a training course held throughout the year at the Beit Berl Academic College for coordinators of shared society education. The course brought together educators and educational managers from across the country to develop the necessary skills to properly approach the challenges of educating towards shared society.

“We all came together, Jewish and Arab students, to get the appropriate tools for educational engagement between Jews and Arabs. We studied through experience-based learning, which doesn’t happen very often in academic frameworks. We were able to share our own experiences from work with each other. I felt that coming from Akko I had a lot to contribute to the discussion, because our city provides such fertile ground for engagement between the groups,” Ravit Altschouler, Akko Educator’s Kibbutz member.


Among the students attending the course were many members of Dror Israel educators’ kibbutzim from across the country.

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