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We Must Increase the Light

Throughout the eight days of Chanukah, members of the Educators' Kibbutz lit candles with program participants. We made sufganiyot, latkes, and sang Chanukah songs. In addition to the well-known prayers and songs, we add our own blessing from the works of A.D. Gordon:

"The light will not triumph over the darkness as long as we do not observe the simple truth that, rather than fight the darkness, we must increase the light."

Our educational activities and direct connection with youth and adults increases the light. Education is an essential part of our Jewish identity. It allows us to make our community, our surroundings, and ourselves, a warmer, better Jewish community – for our own sake, and for the sake of all Israeli society.

Chag same'ach from all the members of the Akko Educators' Kibbutz.

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