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Partnership across the ocean

On July 11th, we were thrilled to welcome four guests from the East Bay Federation in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lynn Gitomer, Lynn and Robert Berg and Sarah Gopher-Stevens visited Akko to get to know the educators’ kibbutz and the work we’re doing in the city. They visited our nightclub, The Jam, where they met Yarden, a counselor at the Ogen Youth Club, and Nicky and Shiran, two student members of the club. Our visitors joined in activities and heard of challenges faced by Akko's youth. Kibbutz member Amit acquainted them with what happens at The Jam, which hosts 6,000 people every year for concerts and performances.

At the end of the visit, we took our guests to the future home of the educators’ kibbutz where we shared our plans to turn the old nursing home into a community center and educators’ residence. Of course, we couldn’t let the visit go by without stopping for lunch at one of the best restaurants in the city. Thanks so much to all four of them for such a wonderful visit. Don’t forget that you always have a second home here in Akko!

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