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Stop Motion of a Movement

Living in an Educators' Kibbutz | Dror Israel

This clip produced for the inauguration of the Akko Educators' Kibbutz building.

A stone is placed where it is placed, But the heart is always moving. To live in an educators’ kibbutz is to be part of living organism. Build a partnership of dreams, desires and aspirations And the little things too, The very many little things. Do you have milk? I'm going shopping.. Does anyone need something? What are you cooking for Shabbat dinner? Who spilled coffee in the elevator?!?! I have a trip with the class next week. Anyone want to come along? The kids made a thousand donuts.. Who wants some? To be a member of an educators’ kibbutz is to know that you are never alone. That there’s always someone in the apartment next to you, and one floor up if you need them. It's staying up until the middle of the night to help a friend. To know how to fight, to argue, to agree And find a way to take the next step together. Living in an educators’ kibbutz is a feeling that you can make a difference. To go out every day with a plan in order to create a just society. To reach the students in the classroom with the craziest idea, To guide a tour of three languages, and mainly with your hands, To establish all kinds of new groups. To know that you have partners in the city who will do everything to make your new ideas work. Being a member of an educators’ kibbutz is to know how to compromise and how to stand up for yourself at the same time. To fulfill the dreams of others as well. To be totally yourself in the encounter with a camper or a friend..

And also always look forwards to see what does not yet exist, the opportunities. Every story needs a home. Dreams, thoughts, faith in humankind, painful moments and joyous occasions, The soul needs a house to grow in. A home that protects and nurtures, a home that is a place of meeting between my dreams and yours and those of the community. A place for renewal for examination and introspection. A house of hearts, always full of movement and change.


Einat Aljadeff - Creative, Camera shooting, Video Editor.

Tal Sharon Barnea - Creative, Painting.

Omer Cohen - Copywriter.

Mirit Sulema - Copywriter.

Ea Wegner - Narration.

All the crew are member of the Akko Educators' Kibbutz.

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