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Our Home is now Officially Open! Educators' Kibbutz Dedication Ceremony

How wonderful it was to celebrate Hannukah, the festival of lights, by opening our new home to friends and partners from far and wide to mark the building’s official opening. The special ceremony celebrating the building’s dedication was a milestone in the years-long project of making a permanent home for the Akko’s Educators’ Kibbutz.

We were honored by the Mayor of Akko Mr. Shimon Lankri, Akko Chief Rabbi Yosef Yashar, Imam Sheikh Samir A'asi, Sefton Bergson of UJIA’s Israel office, Tomer Abudi, director of Educators' Kibbutzim in Dror Israel, and many others without whom our dream of a permanent home would have remained a dream.

“Without a doubt, Akko is privileged to have you,” said Akko Mayor Shimon Lankri. Today we are here to say to you an enormous thank you. Thank you for thirteen years of hard, Sisyphean investment, of uncompromising effort, persistence, strength and patience. For thirteen years you have shown us all these things and here they come to life in this beautiful, wonderful home which is certain to be filled with all kinds of educational activities for the children and people of Akko. The people of this city thank you.”

The evening included a presentation of the work we have done in Akko throughout the years, Hanukkah candle lightening and, of course, delicious food.

The road ahead is long and there is still much work to be done.

Our campaign to complete the acquisition of the building is ongoing and as educators we know that there's always more to be achieved and further horizons to conquer. Yet we are closer to our goal than ever and we feel there's a reason for pride and celebration.

In the words of the MC for the evening, Akko Kibbutz Director Mirit Suleima: “May this house of ours be full of light, love and good deeds. Let our community be a part of a rich mosaic of people of different cultures, a home of equality and peace.

Chag Sameach!”

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