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Creating a Culture of Tolerance

We opened the month with the fourth annual “Here on Earth” performance, arranged and produced by The Jam. Here on Earth, invites Akko locals from all walks of life to come together to perform, participate, and collaborate in a cultural evening for the entire community. Through music, poetry and other creative means women and men, Arabs and Jews, young and old, shared what it means to live in the mixed city of Akko; to tolerate and celebrate the other, and to be active democratic citizens.

“Every year this is a very special event for me. We get to see all the different sides of the city come together. I performed on stage songs in Hebrew that I learned back in the FSU and the people I performed with are kids who grew up here in Israel. Then after me an Arab woman comes on stage to talk about the importance of tolerance, dialogue and respect. It was a very moving and powerful event. There aren’t many places out there where magic like this happens.” Yevgenia Spiegel, community worker.

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