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The Jam Finds a New Home in the Old City of Akko

Our nightclub, The Jam, recently relocated to its new home in the Akko Theater Center. From now on, The Jam’s line-up of musical performances and cultural events will take place surrounded by the ancient stone walls and elegant arches of a beautifully restored Ottoman-era building. From its new location at the entrance to the Old City of Akko, The Jam will continue to serve Akko locals and culture enthusiasts from the entire Western Galilee.

“I love the new place. I’ve been coming to The Jam for years and so I was excited to come and be a part of this next chapter. The new space really adds to the atmosphere and the location opens it up to people who might not have known about The Jam before. Already at [Israeli singer-songwriter] Rona Kenan’s show, I saw some new faces,” said Ricki, 46, an Akko local and a regular at The Jam.

After six years in its old home, relocating was no simple task, but The Jam’s committed team of volunteers rolled up their sleeves to make it happen.

The move has inspired The Jam’s creative team to think anew about encouraging home-grown culture and creativity here in Israel’s periphery.

“We are seeing this move as an opportunity to expand the scope of who can create. We want to make our stage even more of a platform for locals and others to dream, to perform, to tell their stories and find their voices. This is part of The Jam’s mission of making live music and the arts accessible to all people as well as transforming Akko into a cultural hub for the entire region,” said Paz Buttel, coordinator of The Jam since 2015.

“There are already a bunch of exciting new ideas for original productions in the pipelines. The great success we’ve had with tribute concerts, pride nights, women rock, folk night and more have shown that people are thirsty for this kind of creativity and unique blend of music and social content.”

Dror Israel’s sponsorship of The Jam enables us to provide tickets, drinks and refreshments at affordable prices, unlike any other music venue in Israel. Your support helps make high quality cultural and entertainment opportunities available to all, regardless of economic status. Thank you!

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