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Women Rock! A Powerful Evening at The Jam

On Thursday night, May 5th, The Akko Jam hosted the eighth annual “Women Rock!” Women Rock! puts female rock music in all its forms on center stage. We wade into this industry dominated by men and highlight the powerful feminine voice.

This year the theme was “Israeli Women’s Woices Celebrating 70 Years of Israeli Independence.” All the songs performed on stage were originally composed and sung by women.

More than thirty musicians, artists, and performers from Akko and the Western Galilee came together to make the evening possible. After months of planning and rehearsals, we formed a tight-knit and inspired group of thirty women. Before the doors opened, we gathered for a conversation about the significance of the female voice and to go over our shared goals for the event. There was an undeniable and electric feeling that we were doing something inspiring.

The crowd of nearly one hundred and fifty people, which packed The Jam to the rafters, came to listen, sing, and dance right along with the performers. Men and women, young and old, were touched by the power of the performances and the energy in the air was palpable.

Iyliyl, a 32-year-old singer who performed that evening, said: “It was an absolutely wonderful evening, so beautiful and so so fun. Well done to everybody who took part! And thank you to The Jam for providing such an amazing platform for all the women who wanted to do something new and special together.”

Rona, a 25-year-old Akko local who performed on stage for the first time ever said: “It’s so special that we were given this stage. I already want to organize a performance night for local artists from Akko who write their own songs. There is no other stage like The Jam in all of Akko, and it’s really really important that we have this place to come to.”

The legacy and reputation of Women Rock! Has grown over the years, attracting performers and audiences throughout the region. It is one of many annual events held at The Jam that stimulate local art and creativity and provide exciting cultural opportunities for Akko.

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