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Bringing the Taverna from Greece to Akko

Last Monday, as part of the "Mediterranean Basin Festival" which takes place in Akko each year, we opened a Greek Taverna in the Jam. The packed venue was filled with 140 guests who had pre-ordered tickets with many more on the waiting list.

Before the concert began, we lit the seventh Chanukah candle with the entire Jam community. You can watch the video!

Rami Yehuda, a well-known Greek singer born and raised in Akko, performed at the Jam.

He said, "I'm so happy to return and perform here. Akko has special people, a special atmosphere, and special scenery." After the concert, he told Paz Buttel, director of the Jam, "I perform all over the world, and no other place has an atmosphere like the Jam."

Over the course of the concert, people got out of their seats, danced Greek dances, and sung along.

We hope Rami Yehuda comes back for more enjoyable Taverna evenings!

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