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Israel's New Social Startup

Akko Educators' Kibbutz

Israel's New Social Startup

About Us

Visitors to the ancient city of Akko in northern Israel are likely to come across the exciting social innovation that is working to transform the city – the Akko Educators’ Kibbutz.

For 12 years, the kibbutz – part of the Dror Israel social movement – has been working to create positive change in Akko’s challenging urban environment by establishing a vibrant cooperative community of educators.

Today, the kibbutz numbers 95 members whose devotion to a range of formal and informal educational projects makes a daily impact in the lives of thousands of children, youth and adults throughout Akko and the Western Galilee.

The Akko Educators’ Kibbutz, a cooperative community of 95 teachers and counselors – pioneers from Dror Israel, embodies the same innovative spirit that drives the startup nation. We’re an action-based community living a Zionist, democratic and mission-driven lifestyle.
Together, we’re creating a social startup in Israel’s geo-social periphery.

The concept is simple. A group of people living and collaborating closely together can breakthrough barriers, identify opportunities, and innovate creative solutions to the challenges that prove insurmountable to the lone educator. It’s a novel twist on Zionism’s original startup – the kibbutz – and it’s catching on quickly.


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